ILACS news

February 2019

Us in the media

"Ein Ion als Spion" (German)

"An ion spy" (English)

"A look inside chemical reactions" (English)

"In das Innere von chemischen Reaktionen schauen" (German)

"Nova luz no monitoramento de reações químicas" (Portuguese)


May/June 2018

New members

Welcome to the new ILACS members Levke Ohrt, Anna Clara Weigt and Igor Seibel-Gerschenko!

March 2018

Cover of the issue

ILACS article "From Ligand Exchange to Reaction Intermediates: What Does Really Happen During the Synthesis of Emissive Complexes?" is cover of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.



Frontispiece of the issue

Article "Facile Ionic Liquid-Assisted Strategy for Direct Precipitation of Eu2+-Activated Nanophosphors under Ambient Conditions" becomes the frontispiece of Small.


February 2018

In-situ Workshop

The DFG-FAPESP proposal for financing the Germany-Brazil bilateral Workshop “New light on mechanisms of chemical reactions” in Kiel and in São Paulo was approved! The registration for the Kiel Workshop is open for the cooperation partners until February 28th 2018 per e-mail to

Join us!

Two student researcher (Hiwi) positions for 5-15 h/week are open at the ILACS group. Applications can be sent per e-mail to  


January 2018

HOT article:

H. Terraschke, M. Rothe, A.-M. Tsirigoni, P. Lindenberg, L. Ruiz Arana, N. Heidenreich, F. Bertram, M. Etter. In-situ Luminescence Analysis: A New Light on Monitoring Calcium Phosphate Phase Transitions. Inorg. Chem. Front. 2017, 4, 1157. DOI: 10.1039/C7QI00172J was selected by the reviewers as one of the best researches published in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers in 2017.

Beamtime for two years!

The BAG proposal of Dr. Terraschke for the P02.1 High-Resolution Powder Diffraction DESY beamline  was approved, granting the ILACS team and cooperation partners beamtime for the next two years.

DESY Photon Science Users' Meeting

Contribution of four ILACS posters and one presentation at the DESY User's Meeting 2018.

                                                                     ILACS at DESY


December 2017

Fruitful collaboration: The new P23 Russian-German in-situ and nano-diffraction beamline at the German Electron Synchrotron DESY has seen light for the first time and the first experiment was carried out on an ILACS sample. Soon can the ILACS method become available for the general user and be integrated to the P23 infrastructure.