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Chairperson of the local section Kiel of the German Chemical Society (GDCh):

                 Jun.-Prof. Dr. Huayna Terraschke
                 Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Kiel
                 Tel. +49(0)431-880-2402
                 E-Mail: hterraschke(at)


Schedule for GDCh presentations

OLAT page of the GDCh local section Kiel



October 2021

  • Applications to the August Wilhelm von Hofmann scholarship are open until February 1st 2022 for Bachelor students.
  • The JCF is hosting in November 2021 a very interesting event called "Diversity talks". Additional information can be obtained here.

September 2021

  • After the summer break, the GDCh local section Kiel is back with the presentations program for the winter semester 2021-2022. Enjoy!

June 2021

  • The first live GDCh guest presentation of the year will take place on June 17th 2021, under strict hygiene rules. Additional information about the presentation of Prof. Dr. Arne Lützen can be acquired clicking here.

April 2021

  • A very interesting article of Jun-Prof. Dr. Anna McConnell was published in the GDCh journal Angewandte Chemie on diversity, equality, and inclusion. Additional information can be acquired clicking here.

March 2021

  • The GDCh Science Forum will take place in 2021 online for the first time between August 29th and September 1st 2021. Additional information can be acquired clicking here.

February 2021

  • The 23rd JCF Frühjahrssymposium will take place online between March 29th and April 1st 2021. The deadline for abstract submission for posters is the February 15th and the deadline for registration is the February 28th 2021. Additional information can be acquired clicking here.

January 2021

  • On January 28th, February 11th and May 6th 2021 at 05:00 p.m., the presentation series „Leben auf Exoplaneten 2.0“ with Prof. Dr. Ruth Schmitz-Streit, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lüning and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Duschl takes place this year online. The Zoom access information for this event is: Meeting-ID: 851 4621 4403, Kenncode: 660959.
  • The Bachelor-Master Information Evening will take place online on January 11th - 14th 2021. For more information, visit the official website of the event clicking here

December 2020

  • Now, you can apply at the openOLAT menu item “Registration”, if you would like to receive announcements of the GDCh local section Kiel, for instance, links for the next online presentations and events.
  • The first online Christmas Colloquium brings very interesting presentations from the fields of Inorganic, Physical, Organic and Theoretical Chemistry from the respective institutes of the University of Kiel. You can access the presentations on December 10th 2020 clicking here.

November 2020

  • Due to the aggravation of the Corona crises, the guest presentation planned for December 3rd 2020 will take place online. The presentation can be watched clicking in the BigBlueButton menu item left on our OLAT page (GDCh presentations - WS2020/2021).
  • The registration for the online Christmas Colloquium 2020 takes place between November 26th 2020 and December 9th 2020 clicking here. The first 30 registered participants will receive a package with Christmas treats!
  • Application for the August Wilhelm von Hofmann scholarship is open until February 1st 2021 for Bachelor students.

October 2020

  • The registration period for the first GDCh online Campus Event in Kiel is open. You can register clicking here.
  • Now, it is also possible to register to the live presentation of Prof. Dr. Anne Staubitz on October 29th 2020 clicking here.

August 2020

  • The applications for the GDCh Business Chemistry Student Prize are open. The applications from the University of Kiel shall be sent to until August 10th 2020. The two best candidates from Kiel will be recommended to the GDCh central office for the prize.

July 2020

  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the GDCh presentations in the winter semester 2020/2021 will be offered exploring a hybrid concept composed by a combination of online presentations and presence events following strict hygiene policies. The appointments for the already setup events are constantly updated in the GDCh calendar.

May 2020

  • Coming soon: the first GDCh online Campus Event in Kiel shall take place in November 2020.

March 2020

  • In view of the currently dramatically increasing risk caused by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the GDCh Executive Board has unanimously decided to cancel (or, if necessary, postpone) all GDCh events (conferences, meetings, training courses, etc.) until June 30th 2020.

February 2020

January 2020

December 2019


Prizes for students of the University of Kiel

Awarded during the annual Christmas Colloquium

   1)    Evonik Award


    2)    Otto-Diels Awards for Master students

  • 1-2 prizes per year
  • Awarded to students of Chemistry or Business Chemistry with the best final grades
  •  Donated by the professors of the Department of Chemistry


   3)   Awards for Bachelor students

  • 2-4 prizes per year
  • Awarded to students of Chemistry or Business Chemistry with the best final grades


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