If you need our expertise regarding the charactarization of colloidal systems or porous materials, we would be happy to carry out appropiate measurements. Please contact Prof. Stock


Characterization methods:

  • Stoe Stadi P combi high throughput powder diffractometer equipped with xy-sample stage, MYTHEN detector and Cu radiation
  • Stoe Stadi P combi powder diffractometer equipped with MYTHEN detector and Cu radiation
  • 2x BEL Japan, Inc. BELSORP-max gas adsorption instruments
  • BEL Japan, Inc. BELSORP-mini gas adsorption instrument
  • Photometer Spectroquant Pharo 300 M


High throughput equipment:

  •  Biotage Initiator 8 microwave synthesis system with 8-fold autosampler
  •  Anton Paar Synthos 3000 high throughput microwave synthesis system for 96 Vessels
  •  In-house developed 24 and 48 reactors for reactions up to 200°C
  •  In-house developed filter station, washing station and transfer units


Equipment for the synthesis and characterization of colloidal systems

  • Dynamic light scattering Beckman Coulter Delsa Nano C
  • Static light scattering Horiba LA920
  • Freeze and spray drying system
  • Electrokinetic studies: Penkem 501, ZetaPlus (Brookhaven)
  • Particle charge detector: PCD-02, PCD-03 (Mütek)
  • Rheological investigations: UDS 200 (Paar Physica)
  • Vibratory mill Retsch MM 400


Other equipment:

  • Beckman Coulter Allegra 64R high speed centrifuge
  • Sigma 1-16 micro centrifuge
  • Supercritical CO2 drying system 931.HL supercritical autosamdri