Prof. Dr. Christian Näther (apl. Professor)

Solid State and Coordination Chemistry


Actual publications

Trimorphism of Zn(NCS)2(4-dimethylaminopyridine)2: Crystal Structures, Thermodynamic Relations and Comparison with the Co(II) Polymorphs
Tristan Neumann, Inke Jess. Luzia S. Germann, Robert  E. Dinnebier and Christian Näther.
Cryst. Growth. Des., 2019, 19, 1134-1143 .
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Tuning of the intrachain interactions by mixed crystal formation of the anionic ligands in magnetic 1D coordination polymers
Tristan Neumann, Michał Rams, Zbigniew Tomkowicz, Inke Jess and Christian Näther
Chem. Comm., 2019, 55, 2652-2655.
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