Publikationen 1997

125)    Determination and redetermination of the crystal structures of chromium tellurides in the composition range

           CrTe1.56-Cr1.67: Trigonal Di-Chromium Tri-Telluride Cr2Te3, monoclinic Penta-Chromium Octa-Telluride Cr5Te8,

          and the five layer superstructure of trigonal Penta-Chromium Octa-Telluride Cr5Te8

          W. Bensch, O. Helmer, C. Näther

          Mat. Res. Bull. 1997, 32, 305-318. DOI:10.1016/S0025-5408(96)00194-8


126)    Evidence for the formation of valence band holes due to topotatical Tl removal in the ternary channel compound

           TlCr3S5: Chemical reactivity and experimental electronic structure

           W. Bensch, O. Helmer, M. Muhler

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127)    Large structural and magnetic phase stability of VS and VSe

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128)    Caesium Gadolinium Tetratelluride

           W. Bensch, P. Dürichen

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129)    Crystal structure of bis(tetraphenylphosphonium) distibiumheptadecasulfide, [P(C6H5)4]2[Sb2S17]

           W. Bensch, M. Schur

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130)    Crystal structure of a new modification of potassium tetrathioantimonate, ß-K3SbS4

           W. Bensch, P. Dürichen

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131)    K2WSe4

           D. Röhnert, C. Näther, W. Bensch

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132)    Hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structure of the new manganese(II) thioantimonate (III), Mn(en)3Sb4S7

           W. Bensch, M. Schur

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133)    Preparation and crystal structure of the new ternary niobium polysulfide K4Nb2S14 exhibiting the dimeric complex anion 


           W. Bensch, P. Dürichen

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134)    Crystal structure and potassium diselenotriargentate, KAg3Se2

           W. Bensch, P. Dürichen

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135)    Torque measurements on a-(BEDT-TTF)2MHg(SCN)4

           P. Christ, W. Biberacher, W. Bensch, H. Müller, K. Andres

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136)    Synthesis, crystal structure and optical absorptions of the two-dimensional sulfide NaCu2NbS4

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137)    Darstellung und Kristallstrukturen von polymeren Thioantimonaten mit gerüst-bildendem Mangan, sowie deren thermische 


           M. Schur, C. Näther, W. Bensch

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138)    Darstellung und Kristallstrukturen neuer ternärer Alkali-Niob-Chalkogenide mit Nb2Q11-Einheiten (Q=S,Se):

           Bausteine für den Aufbau komplexer molekularer und nieder-dimensionaler Strukturen

           P. Dürichen, W. Bensch

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139)    Neuartige molekulare und niederdimensionale Polychalkogenide der Metalle der 5. Nebengruppe

           W. Bensch

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140)    Kristallstrukturbestimung von verzwillingtem NaNbS6

           C. Näther, P. Dürichen, W. Bensch

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141)    Crystal structure of bis(tetramethylammonium) trismolybdenumtridecasulfide, [N(CH3)4]2Mo3S13

           W. Bensch, M. Schur

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142)    Solvothermal Synthesis of [Mn(en)3]2[Mn4(en)9 (SbSe4)4] · 2 H2O: The first example of a selenoantimonate(V)

           acting as a ligand in a transition metal complex

           W. Bensch, C. Näther, M. Schur

           Chem Commun 1997, 1773-1774. DOI: 10.1039/A702844J


143)    Synthesis and Crystal Structure of (C2H5NH3)2Sb4S7, a novel thioantimonate(III) framework exhibiting an

           unprecedented architecture

           M. Schur, W. Bensch

           Eur. J. Solid State Inorg. Chem. 1997, t.34, 457-466.


144)    Synthesis, crystal structures, and optical properties of new quaternary chalcogenides of Va-metals: Rb2CuVS4,

           K2CuVSe4, Rb2CuNbSe4, Cs2CuNbSe4 and Rb2CuNbS4

           C. Rumpf, R. Tillinski, C. Näther, P. Dürichen, I. Jess, W. Bensch

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