Publikationen 1987

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13)      Preparation, Crystal Structure and Thermal Behaviour of Bischromatodihydroxobis-(pyridine)

            tricopper(II) [Cu3(CrO4)2(OH)2(C5H5N)2]

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16)      Preparation, Crystal Structure and Thermal Behaviour of Ethylenediammonium-Molybdate

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18)      The Structures of [Bi(CH3COO)3)2 3(SC(NH2)2] H2O and [Bi(CH3COO)3(SC(NH2)2)3]

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19)      The Single Crystal Structure of NH4CuMoS4

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20)      A Photoemission Study of TlxV6S8: Evidences for a Low Temperature Phase Transition

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21)      Thermal Degradation of Copper(I)Thiolate Clusters and the Crystal Structure of Solvent-free (Ph4P)2[(Cu4(SPh)6]

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22)      Coordination Properties of Hypoxanthine. Crystal Structures, Thermal Analysis,and Electronic Spectral Studies of Cu(II)

            (hypoxanthine)SO4 H2O and of Me(II) (hypoxanthine) SO4 5H2O (Me(II)=Co(II), Ni(II))

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